Compromising Situations
by Susan Laine

Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Day after day working under an evil dictator of a boss at Manning and Cross, a major green tech company, has left Jared Owens pounds lighter and looking like a pale ghost.  Crazy long hectic eighty hour weeks leave Jared little time to eat let alone see the sun.  When CFO Grant Kendrick cracks his whip everyone jumps, especially Jared.


After yet another interminable day at the office Jared is more than ready to step onto the elevator until his arch nemesis joins him.  It’s fairly simple to keep your mouth shut during office hours when everyone’s there, but when the power goes out and you’re stuck between floors… All bets are off.  Especially when Grant makes an outrageous proposition and Jared is intrigued.


Compromising Situations allow tensions to rise high in this office based D/s drama.  The showdown between the characters explodes with righteous indignation and sexual heat.  Jared and Grant take turns blowing off steam in most excellent ways.  Their give and take relationship is fascinating to witness.  Enjoy the sizzle in Compromising Situations.

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