CONFESS by Reagan Phillips

CONFESS by Reagan Phillips
by Reagan Phillips

Series: Blue Line #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
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Mitch Kilpatrick is a homicide detective in Nashville who has been searching for a serial killer for years and, yes it’s personal for him, no matter how he tries to keep it professional these days.  When, after many years of silence from the killer, a similar murder suddenly turns up in a small town,  Mitch gets himself assigned to that small town supposedly to help track down a new killer.  Mitch knows that he is risking his badge, something he holds very dear and has worked hard for, but he needs to know if he can finally bring down a killer that has haunted him since childhood.


Lacy Andrews is the daughter of the police chief and does her own thing, which right now is being a bartender at a rough and tumble bar—not exactly her father’s idea of an ideal job for Lacy.  Lacy has been watching the dark and sexy man who has been at the bar for the past several days and tonight he seems to be in the company of some of her father’s officers.  Lacy has one strict rule, which is never date or anything else with a cop, even one as sinfully sexy as Mitch.


Mitch at first tries to get Lacy’s attention in order to find another way to discover just what exactly is going down in this small town and why it seems no one at the police station is too worried about finding the killer.  But as he and Lacy finally give into the tension that was always around them, Mitch learns that Lacy’s tough front is really just a shell hiding something.  As Mitch begins to tie the various clues together, he knows that this new killer is not the same serial killer that struck so many years before, and it seems that Lacy, her father and a couple of others already knew this, but how?  Lacy finally gives Mitch the final clue to solve his hunt, and yet that same clue seems to have put her in deadly danger.  Mitch isn’t about to let her—another person he loves—be harmed or worse,  and he pulls in all his contacts both in Nashville and in Lacy’s hometown to rescue her before it’s too late.


Two people have been haunted by a same madman for many years, when they suddenly find each other and passion arises, will it be enough for both of them to finally put the past behind them once and for all?  Mitch and Lacy will learn that answer in Confess.  I saw that Mitch would have to work very hard to find his answers and keep this secret investigation just that, a secret.  When Lacy and Mitch came together, it was definitely with fireworks and not all of them were in their bedroom.  I always knew that a lot of small towns circle the wagons against newcomers and that is exactly what Mitch faced.  Yet, I had to give it to him when he still forged ahead even when the tide and most of the police force was against him.  I enjoyed seeing Lacy and Mitch seemingly find a passion that could give them a future if they could just find the latest killer before anyone else was hurt.  I knew that Mitch had turned the corner when he gave away his hardest achievement to save Lacy, and that Lacy had also turned that corner when she gave him her love in response.  Confess is an old-fashioned romantic suspense with the accent on the suspense that will have you wondering until the last few pages.

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