Controlling His Illusion
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #4
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


For more than a year omega wolf shifter Grant has taken care of his 13 year old sister Kaylie.  Barely out of his teens Grant was forced to take charge after their small farm was attacked by shadowkin.  Their parents died while giving Grant and Kaylie the time to escape.  On the run the siblings came across Peter, the survivor of another farm attack.  The threesome has protected each other since that fateful night.


They’ve managed to live cheaply at a rundown motel in town on Grant’s low paying job.  Their biggest difficulty is acquiring blood on a weekly basis for Kaylie who suffers from diabetes.  Grant made a deal with a vampire trading sex for blood.  The vampire believes he’s having sex with Grant when in reality the omega wolf is able to manufacture the illusion of a sexual encounter.  It takes a lot out of Grant each week but he’d do anything for his sister.  When the vampire brings an elf along for some ‘fun’ Grant is forced to push himself to the limit.


Nico, a guardian warlock, spent the day checking out rumors at the dock and comes up empty.  Stopping in a bar for a quick drink Nico overhears a pair of elves making disgusting plans for some unsuspecting stranger.  Charging to the rescue Nico is unaware of Grant’s gift and inadvertently makes things worse when the omega wolf loses control.  The warlock and the omega wolf mates will never forget their first meeting.


Irresistible characters and their high energy romance hit the bull’s eye.  Book four in the Preternatural Rescue Centre series satisfies on every level in Controlling His Illusion.  Their story has warmth, passion, and chaos in all the right places.  Grant and Nico sizzle with sexual tension and desire as their romance unfolds.  Controlling His Illusion features well drawn characters with realistic emotional drama readers are sure to embrace.  Enjoy.

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