COUNT ON ME by Lauren Dane

COUNT ON ME by Lauren Dane
Count on Me
by Lauren Dane

Series: Petals, Georgia #3
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Caroline Mendoza grew up in Petal, Georgia with a normal family until the day her mother was murdered and her father was convicted of it.  Caroline never believed that he did it, unlike some of the other members of her family.  Now, sixteen years later, Caroline is an attorney, and she is back.  Caroline has a multiple game plan now: to become reacquainted with her younger siblings, put her life back to normal, and to clear her father of the murder charges.


Royal Watson is a homegrown boy in Petal; he now runs his family’s ranch which he has turned into an organic enterprise.  Royal recently accepted that the woman he loved would never be what he wanted, and he has gone on with his life.  He is seriously surprised when he bumps into a sexy woman who seems familiar and then realizes it is Caroline.  Royal knows that all the boys will be after this vivacious woman as soon as it gets out she is here to stay, and he isn’t about to lose his advantage.  So starts his plan to convince Caroline to date him.


Caroline has always thought that Royal was a hunk, although he was a couple of years ahead of her in school.  Now this same guy she dreamed of back then wants to date her.  As Royal and Caroline begin the “getting to know you” stage, Caroline is also following clues about what really happened when her mother was murdered, while getting to know her brother and sister again.  Petal is a small town with a long memory and, as Caroline is coming to find out, with some long standing prejudices in certain places.  As time goes by, Caroline and Royal are falling in love just as it seems danger is targeting Caroline. Royal will do anything to make sure that nothing is allowed to hurt Caroline in any way, even when it means forcing a few harsh truths at people.  The truths from long ago are coming out now and. once they are known. will Royal and Caroline have a chance to continue the loving journey of discovery they have begun and just how will Caroline’s family come out on the other side?


They say you can never go home. Caroline proves them wrong and discovers love in Royal while righting wrongs done in the past.  Count on Me brings Caroline home with a long list of things she wants to do.  Falling in love wasn’t on that list, but I found that Royal was all about making an addendum to that list.  I loved watching as Caroline and Royal went down that bumpy road of romance and managed to keep their love and humor with each new issue.  I will say that there is one character that I have liked in the past books that I really wanted to slap in this one.  Of course, Caroline handled that much better and again showed Royal and others just why she was so special.  I loved that Caroline and Royal found each other and were able to come out on top even with all the nastiness that came from Caroline’s search for a killer and to reconnect with her siblings.  Count on Me is a book that will pull on your heartstrings in so many ways.  It has great touches of humor, passion, suspense, and best of all, justice, all while two hearts find each other and become one.

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