Courting His Countess
by C.J. Archer

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Reviewed by Vanessa

The last woman Thomas, Lord Avondale, expected to fall in love with was the wife he betrayed and abandoned six years ago. When Rose doesn't accept his apology, however, he loses all hope of a happy future together. Yet he's thankful she has agreed to come to his bed to beget an heir. Known as the Ice Maiden at Queen Elizabeth I's court, Rose has been trying to forget the man she once loved—a love she thought destroyed after he spent their wedding night with his mistress. Withstanding Thomas's charms, however, is proving more difficult than she expected. Can she forgive the ultimate betrayal? Can he ever atone for what he did? Note: Courting His Countess is a novella of approximately 20,000 words, about one-quarter the size of a full-length novel. I've priced it as low as I am able. A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR COURTING HIS COUNTESS may be shorter than most of my other books, but it was one of the most difficult stories I've ever written. What Thomas did to his wife is despicable and when I began to write, I didn't think I could make you, the reader, believe he was hero material. Yet the characters and their tale wouldn't leave my head, nor would the opening lines, so I wrote the story anyway. As I progressed, and especially when I switched to Thomas's viewpoint, I realized how very male he was being, and part of me started to feel sorry for him. Being a nobleman of his time, he just didn't get it. Not until he finally saw how his actions had affected a wonderful, strong woman. COURTING HIS COUNTESS breaks one of the "rules" of the romance genre, and I know some of you will find Thomas's actions unforgiveable. I certainly don't blame you for that! But I've never been very good at sticking to the rules, and I hope you don't blame ME for listening to the voices in my head. Happy reading! ~CJ

Six years ago, Thomas, Lord Avondale, betrayed and left his new bride on their wedding night. Now Thomas has returned to try and make amends for his rash actions of youth and beget an heir.  However, he soon finds that Rose performing her wifely duties isn’t exactly what he wants.  Thomas needs forgiveness, but how can he convince her he has changed?

Rose was devastated when her hubby walked away from her after his actions.  She had been half way in love with him until his ultimate betrayal.  Reeling with pain, she closed herself off and endured as few visits as possible while at court, earning the title Ice Maiden.  Rose knows her duty, and she is willing to perform such, but she won’t give Thomas her heart to stomp on again.  Or will she?

Courting His Countess was a surprisingly enjoyable read that had Rose acting like a woman betrayed!  Yes, she still did some things that were required of her, but it was understood that she needed to because of the setting of Courting His Countess

Courting His Countess had some extremely sad things when you thought about it, but perhaps they showcased Thomas’ inability to forgive and how passionately he feels about things.  He didn’t know that Rose was innocent and how badly he had hurt her in Courting His Countess.  However, Thomas does make amends for his behavior.  He is gentle and understanding towards his slightly rebellious wife more than another man in that time period would have been. 

I found Courting His Countess to be the perfect length for dealing with the betrayal and atonement of Thomas.  I wouldn’t have minded spending more time with Thomas and Rose, but found that it wasn’t necessary.  I did, however, find a new author that I may be watching for other stories from though.  

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