Courtship of the Cake
by Jessica Topper

Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Danica “Dani” James is a masseuse who is hoping to forget the one that got away.  Taking on a job travelling with a rock group, she garners another position that brings her right back into the orbit of the mysterious man who left a slice of cake under her pillow and a fire burning that he didn’t bother to quench.

Mick Spencer, cake decorator extraordinaire, has now been retained to present a cake for the upcoming nuptials of his former BFF.  However, imagine Mick’s surprise when the bride-to-be is the one he left wanting, but can’t seem to forget.  Will these two be able to work their way back to what they shared one night, or will they find that there are too many obstacles barring their way?

Courtship of the Cake was an intriguing, convoluted tale that promised a HEA for all involved.  I enjoyed Dani’s story after I got to know her more in Courtship of the Cake, and her fiancé was brought forth with his baggage that added to Courtship of the Cake.  Mick wasn’t a bad guy, but he seemed like the easy choice, and I felt that was a cop-out for Dani.  They didn’t spend a lot of time together in Courtship of the Cake, and her fiancé, Nash, seemed to be a little more fleshed out in the tale.

Courtship of the Cake has a lot more depth between its covers than a regular run-of-the-mill romance.  Dani had a story that she needed to tell, but she hid it so well in her psyche that there was really no hint of its truth, and the reader doesn’t uncover it until Dani realizes it either in the Courtship of the Cake.   I found, at times, that Mick wasn’t truly necessary for Dani’s HEA, but was more the icing on her cake!  I still think that Nash would’ve been the more intriguing match for Dani as they explored what brought them to the points in life where they intersect in the Courtship of the Cake.

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