COVEN, SWEET COVEN by Cheryl Dragon

COVEN, SWEET COVEN by Cheryl DragonCoven, Sweet Coven by Cheryl Dragon
Published by Loose Id on October 29th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Menage
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Powerful witch and psychic, Natalie Fogel never doubts her visions. After a year away from her small town home and the two men she loves, she returns to share her ominous warning. Something deadly dangerous is coming for Halloween. Happy to see her friends and coven members again, she returns to living with the two lovers. She left to grow her skills but also to avoid some of the negative judgment about a group relationship. Zach and Logan are supportive and sexy but they aren't meant to be a couple and they need their lady to balance the relationship. Their love is strong but the triad is especially unpopular with Natalie's big brother. For Natalie, there's no place like home"?but she'll have to stand up for what's right to stay there happily.

Natalie is the most powerful witch and psychic in her small town and because of that she had to leave so that she could connect with others to learn, grow and understand her powers.  While Natalie loved her past year of discovery, she hated having to leave the two men she loved behind her.  Now an unending sense of danger that has been filling her visions has Natalie coming home to try and discover what is triggering her visions and to stop it from happening.  And best of all to reconnect with her men.


Zach and Logan knew why Natalie had to leave and even agreed with her reasons, but that didn’t mean that this past year hasn’t been hard on them.  While they do love each other, they need that missing element that is Natalie to complete their love.  Now that Natalie is back, they are trying not to crowd and overwhelm her before they know just what her intentions are this time.  Is she home to stay and be their forever lover or is this just a brief appearance and when it’s over Natalie will be gone again?


Natalie knew that things probably were not perfect between Zach and Logan when she left but she hopes to make up for that now.  It’s only days away from Halloween and Natalie knows that is her deadline to stop whatever it is she is seeking.  Natalie is honest with Zach and Logan that she can’t concentrate on their relationship until after she stops whatever it is she is seeking, but she also shares some very intense and erotic loving with her men.  With the help of Zach, Logan and her coven can Natalie discover just what the danger is in time to stop it and can she also put Zach and Logan’s questions to rest and show them that their love is the type that lasts forever?


One sexy witch and her two lovers come together to defeat a danger that has appeared in their small town and to resume their loving relationship.  Natalie, Zach and Logan all know what they hope their future is and fight for it and to keep their town safe in Coven, Sweet Coven.  The plot had me interested from the beginning because I have enjoyed many of Ms. Dragon’s books.  I was intrigued about how a menage relationship would be handled in a small town and also about the magic that would be ribboned through the book.  While I did enjoy the suspense and erotic elements of the book and the outcome, I had a problem relating to the main characters Natalie, Zach and Logan the way I needed to in order to drop totally into their story.  That isn’t to say that I didn’t connect with them in many parts of the book, just that it wasn’t a full 3-d character immersion in them as leading characters.  Coven, Sweet Coven is full of suspense, magic and passion that surrounds the danger leading to a Halloween showdown.

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