CRACKING THE BIG LUG’S SHELL by Charlie RichardsCracking the Big Lug's Shell by Charlie Richards
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #37
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


Vadim Kuznetsov is one of the last in his family coven to remain single.  He has yet to find his beloved like most of his family has done. It’s also been quite a while since Vadim has indulged in sex.  The vampire is large, very large – all over.  In the past, lovers have complained of his size which has given the shy vampire somewhat of a complex.  Most of his time is spent honing his computer hacking skills for the family and keeping his mind off sex.  Currently he’s trying to crack into Sugar Creek Pharmaceuticals computers.  They suspect the company of abusing and torturing paranormals.


Kendrick Hollister recently broke up with his wealthy boyfriend Douglas.  The guy was definitely not a keeper.  Ken had put off dumping the guy because he was great in bed.  Being a size queen wasn’t a good enough reason to stay, it really wasn’t.


Taking a break from his computers Vadim is late in joining the family at a restaurant to celebrate a beloved’s birthday.  Finally arriving Vadim barely sits down before instinctually realizing that one of their waiter’s is his beloved.


Serving a large group in the backroom, Ken doesn’t understand why he’s so drawn to the big guy that came in late.  He simply knows he’d like to get to know the big guy. One is intrigued.  One is scared.  Fate matched them perfectly.  They just have to realize it and stop a jealous ex in his tracks.


The Wolves of Stone Ridge series continues to excel with the 37th installment titled Cracking the Big Lug’s Shell.  The characters deal with insecurity and the emotional toll it can take.  Sweet Vadim and bold Ken prove that size and looks can be deceiving in any relationship.  Another pleasurable story for the long running series, Cracking the Big Lug’s Shell is a fun, erotic tale.

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