CROSSING OVER by Christopher Riley

CROSSING OVER by Christopher Riley
Crossing Over
by Christopher Riley

Series: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Vampire
Published by MLR Press Genres: Historical, MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Years of service to the Roman Empire enabled Jovian to have a plot of land free and clear once he retired from the military.  Flourishing fields of wheat and a healthy herd of sheep allow Jovian to prosper and enjoy life with his lover Betto.   When their home is attacked by werewolves Jovian manages to kill a female.  Taking the body to Rome as proof they need further protection proves to be the wrong action as Jovian almost dies on the journey.  His savior is none other than Rome’s ruling Caesar, Titus.  Unbeknownst to Jovian he’s been saved by a vampire who forms a cloying attachment to the retired soldier. Leaving Titus and going home to Betto ends up destroying Jovian’s entire life.  He is forced to witness the murder of his parents, young sister, and his lover. The final horror happens as Titus changes Jovian into a vampire.


Watching the world as twenty centuries come and go, his name and identity change with the times as well.  Living as Roman Stafford and owning the Blue Moon bar the vampire continues to be plagued by his nemesis throughout the long years.  Each time love enters Roman’s life his hated enemy makes certain that his happiness is destroyed in one form or another.


For the past two months Roman’s been dating artist Cole Ryan. He can’t explain it but the talented artist is special and calls to the vampire’s soul.  Roman discovers Cole nearly dead from a drug overdose and the vampire is forced to step in to help the artist whether he wants it or not.   As he tries to cure Cole of his addiction Roman can also feel Titus nearby.  Somehow, some way, it’s time to make a stand to love Cole and rid the world of Titus.


Crossing Over proves to be an intriguing romance blended with a suspenseful historical story.  The far past comes alive as Jovian/Roman’s life unfolds, his lovers, and his struggles to be free of Titus.  The main character experiences the high of true love and the emotional destruction of losing that love because of a mad man.  Enjoy the fascinating tale Crossing Over, a long time journey of true love.

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