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CROUCHING TIGER, FORBIDDEN VAMPIRE by Kerrelyn SparksCrouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks
Series: Love at Stake #16
Published by Avon Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Russell has been working on getting his justice and revenge from the time he woke up as a vampire and realized that he is the only survivor of his Marine unit that were all captured by vampire, Master Han.  If things had gone as Russell had originally planned, he would have gone back home and carried on being a cowboy on the family ranch. However, since waking up after thirty-nine years as a vampire and one expected to be a slave at that, just has given Russell even more reasons to go after the person behind it.  Several times, Russell has had Master Han in his sights, but something went wrong, and he wasn’t able to deliver the final killing shot.  This time, it was a someone rather than a something, but the result was the same. Russell had to give up his revenge and save the bystander.


Princess Jia is a tiger princess at Tiger Town, a place now ruled by her cousin after her grandfather died.  Jia has trained for many years to carry out the execution of the person who killed her entire immediate family.  Now old enough to carry out her plans, Jia has tracked down Master Han at one of his camps and is ready to attack, when she is noticed and must escape.  The way she makes her escape is very unusual—via a vampire that she has never met.  When Jia finds herself in a cave and discovers just who Russell is, she believes that she has found the perfect person to help her kill Master Han once and for all.  Too bad Russell sees her just like everyone else—someone to be protected and kept in cotton.


Russell is attracted to Jia against his instincts ,which warn him she could be a danger to his well-being and emotions.  When Jia tries to go off by herself to go after Master Han once again, he reluctantly agrees to partner up with Jia to keep her safe while they go after Master Han and bring down his reign of terror once and for all. What neither expects is the intense attraction which grows and grows between them as they ignore the danger and follow the clues that will finally allow

them to complete their acts of revenge.  Just when it looks like the danger is over, Jia is kidnapped and Russell gathers everyone he can find to go with him to get her back, while saving as many souls as possible at the same time.  Their love might have been both unexpected and possibly forbidden, but it was strong enough and deep enough to overcome anything that might try to stop them.


A Tiger Princess and a vampire soldier/cowboy meet and fall in love while surrounded in suspense and danger.  Jia and Russell find each other and a long lasting love in Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire.  I have long waited to see if Russell would ever get his story told, and I have also long wondered just what exactly his story was.  Lots of clues have been dropped along the way; clues just had me even more curious on what had made him so bitter. Jia is a woman of my own heart by training herself to go out and defeat the person who took out all of her immediate family instead of sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it. I loved her determination and how she stood up to everyone, especially Russell, to complete her mission. I really loved watching as Jia and Russell not only fell in love, but also took out the over encompassing enemy that the vampires and lots of Others have been fighting for so many years.  By the time I closed the book, I was able to think, “What a great ending to a series I have loved for so long.”  While I am sad that the Love at Stake series is now over, I have to say that making Russell and Jia’s love story the last one was brilliant. They were the best couple to end with. Their journey both before and after they met made them a couple that just exploded off the pages and wrapped you up in a plot that answers so many questions and tied-up the threads that were just dangling out there.


Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire is full of emotions from deep friendship to passion to danger and back to the deep friendship and the passion, all the while surrounded in an action-packed plot that keeps you fully engaged. The ending brought back all of my favorite couples and showed me that while this series might be ending, there is another generation just waiting to grow up and give the world yet another layer of events.

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