Cry For Me My Little Raven
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Lost Shifters #32
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

If the Feline Coalition HQ doesn’t take pity on cheetah shifter Clarkston he’s going to be sleeping in his car from now on.  He’d tried to hide the fact that he was gay, but someone ratted him out so he’s on his own.  Clarkston knows that his cousin Carson lives there, yet that might not work in his favor since he didn’t stand up for the cheetah when he was kicked out years ago.


To say that Kidd’s first shift was a surprise is putting it mildly.  His godparents left him their home and a trust fund which has been a blessing since he’s not able to go out and work.  Somehow over time Kidd has acquired nine other young shifters like himself who live with him.  Their problem is that they are Raven shifters, loathed and feared by everyone else even though the group is innocent of any wrong doing.  Worse, the evil, violent Raven shifters want their little band to join them and that’s the last thing they want to do.


Accepted and interrogated within the coalition Clarkson is on a reconnaissance detail when the team stumbles on a boarded up home surrounded by Ravens.  After taking out the enemy they can’t believe what they find.  From the moment Clarkson sees Kidd he’s a goner.  Nobody is going to believe that a cheetah and a raven could make a go of it except Clarkson and a hopeful Kidd.  Let the ribbing begin.


The wild twists of fate are at it again in Cry For Me My Little Raven.  An honorable recruit and a naïve young man face life head on in the 32nd story in the Lost Shifter series.  Cry For Me My Little Raven is a strong character driven tale exploring long held perceptions challenged by reality.  Clarkson and Kidd steal this story with their charm and innocence.  Witty dialogue and an entertaining plotline make this a winner.

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