CURIOUS by R. G. Alexander

CURIOUS by R. G. AlexanderCurious by R. G. Alexander
Series: The Finn Factor #1
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Jeremy Porter and Owen Finn grew up with very different home lives, yet that never stopped them from being the best of lifelong friends.  When Jeremy’s parents found him looking at male nudie magazines at fourteen they disowned him and shuttled him off to an alcoholic aunt.  Owen on the other hand spent his childhood in the arms of loving parents and a houseful of siblings.


Both found success in their chosen fields, Jeremy as an acclaimed cartoonist and artist while Owen started his own construction company.  As adults they are also known for their prolific sex lives.  Ironically Jeremy got a name for being bisexual rather than gay.  His best friend is well known as a one night only ladies man.


With all the literal notches on his bedpost Jeremy never slept with the one person he truly wanted, Owen.  He refused to make any advances in fear of destroying their friendship or the love of the Finn family.


Then, out of the blue on Owen’s thirty-fifth birthday he arrives on Jeremy’s doorstep and backs his best friend into the corner with sexual advances.  Believing it’s a one-time event Jeremy relents.  Their one night of incredible passion changes everything between them.  Owen wants more.  Jeremy fears of losing what he treasures most in life if they continue, yet Owen is fulfilling every dream he’d ever had.  Which way can he turn except into Owen’s open arms? But for how long before everything crashes and burns?


Curious will absolutely make your toes curl.  Such passion and emotion blaze as Jeremy finds himself between a rock and a hard place trying to realize he can have it all with Owen.  If he finds the strength that Owen has.  Author R.G. Alexander knows exactly how to write an honest, sensitive erotic love story.  The pages burn with such heat and the emotional drama rings true.

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