CURSED by Angela Addams

CURSED by Angela Addams
by Angela Addams

Series: The Order of the Wolf #1
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Darcy Wells is a so-so witch and earns her living as a vengeance dealer—her clients are women who have been hurt my male scumbags.  Darcy stalks her victims carefully and then strikes with a curse that will make the male suffer lust and let her get away.  Perfect—right? Well, maybe not.  Darcy’s next hit is a rock star, and Darcy is all about showing him that even rock stars need to treat women right.


Raven Glock is the bassist of his band—a band that is also part of his pack.  Yes, this rocking band is made up of werewolves.  One night after a show, Raven is hit hard when he sees this sexy woman with the other groupies and decides that a hot night in the sheets with her is just the ticket, which they do have…well, until Darcy attacks Raven with a face full of ash.  Now his wolf is going crazy, because Darcy is much more than just a sexy groupie, and he can’t even remember her.


Darcy knows immediately that something has gone seriously wrong with this job and, at the same time, realizes that she just cursed a werewolf.  Now Darcy is hunting for a way to break the curse that has her in its grips as much as Raven, while running for her life from Raven’s pack and fellow band members.  Once Darcy and Raven are back under the same roof, chaos is the best way to describe the multiple emotions and desires that appear.  Darcy learns the truth about her past jobs and her real powers while helping Raven get rid of the curse that she put on him.  Turning to the only person who has volunteered to help, Darcy truly learns what betrayal means, and she will have to make a life changing choice—Raven or her life as she once knew it, but now with all the information she grew up without.


A woman who lives to hand out vengeance to wronged women meets her match and mate in a rock star werewolf in Cursed.  Darcy and Raven may have started off with lust, which turned to fear and hatred, but the outcome was love.  I can say that I did feel for Raven the most, finding his mate just as she did something so he could not remember her.  I could also feel a bit sorry for Darcy not being told all that she really was and thinking she was a lousy witch had her becoming a vengeance dealer.  But I think she was just lucky that Raven decided to claim her even after what Darcy did to him and that the band also accepted her.  Over all, I have to say that while I enjoyed some of the sections of Darcy and Raven’s story, I could never fall into their story or the world that was being created with this book. However, the parts I enjoyed were enough to have me wanting to try the next book in this series.  Cursed is a story proving that the path to mating isn’t always easy or romantic, but can still bring you to love in the end.

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