Cyber Illusions
by Nikki Duncan

Series: Sensory Ops #6
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Taryn Bellamy is one of the top illusionists right now, and she works very hard on her show to make sure she stays that way.  While her show and her employees are important to her, the most important people in her world are the twins that Taryn has raised since a friend left them to her.  Raising twins, especially super smart ones, has been even more challenging than coming up with her next great illusion for her show.


Tyler Greer is an FBI agent and a tech genius who is part of a very special FBI team—one where the members have psychic abilities that they use to help them close cases.  Tyler has been on the tail of a cyber hacker who has been breaking into his systems to leave the team clues. Now Tyler might have found the person behind it and that person his coming right into his area.  What Tyler thinks will be a takedown of a cyber hacker and maybe a chunk out of an art theft ring turns into a night that will change his life forever.


Taryn learns that one of the twins has not only left town, but has tracked down her father and is attempting to contact him all alone. Time is of the essence as Taryn flies to Miami and comes face-to-face with Tyler, the twins’ father.  Things turn touchy as Taryn tells Tyler that not only is he a father, but that one of his kids is somewhere in Miami all alone.  Things get even touchier when Taryn learns just what the twins have been up to, and to top it off, Taryn is a suspect in an art theft ring that Tyler and his team are trying to bring down. Not a promising start to say the least and then you have an instant attraction between Taryn and Tyler. Taryn and Tyler work to break the art ring and prove her innocence, but will this be the end of their time together or has the illusion of their love become a permanent fact?


An illusionist, an FBI agent, cyber hackers, art thieves, and two really smart teenage twins all come together in Cyber Illusions.  I had to laugh as I saw just what the twins had been doing with Tyler without anyone knowing.  I loved Taryn as I saw just how she cared for the twins and how she was so up front with Tyler when they met. I couldn’t imagine just how shocked Tyler was when he found out that not only did he have kids, but they are twins and just what they were up to.  I loved how Taryn didn’t try to keep the twins from Tyler even as she was proving to him that she was not an art thief.  Watching as all four of them became a family kept me turning the pages. I foresee many loving headaches with Taryn and Tyler as the twins grow up and get into even more mischief.  Cyber Illusions is a great mixture of suspense, passion, and putting the best interest of children in front that makes Taryn and Tyler’s romance a great one.


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