DANCING ON THE EDGE by L. M. SomertonDancing On The Edge by L. M. Somerton
Series: Tales From the Edge #3
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound

Reviewed by Lisa

The Underground offers their clientele a safe place to explore and satisfy their BDSM desires.  It is so popular that owner/manager Carey Hoffman only needs to advertize for wait staff positions once a year.  Carey’s been looking for a submissive of his own for a long time and the moment he set his eyes on Alistair Easton he knew his search was over with the newly hired server.


Though it’s been more than a year or so Carey is still hesitant to take that last step and formally collar Alistair.  The sub is sure they belong together, but the fifteen year age difference bothers the older Dom.


Embracing his sexuality as a teenager Alistair was driven from his home by his powerful businessman father when he came out.  The submissive never looked back, but recent news of his sire’s appointment to a major law firm worries him.  Apparently with good reason it seems.  It will take every resource Carey has to save his lover from the clutches of his father’s twisted plans.  Their age gap means nothing when love is the key to their happily ever after.


Sensual dominance rules the day in Dancing on the Edge where desire sets the standard in tasteful erotic love play.  Carey and Alistair come to life and prove their commitment to each other in this sensual story.  Fans of the series will enjoy hearing from characters in previous books, new readers will be hooked.  Sexy, humorous, and intense the BDSM lifestyle is tame compared to a powerful sire’s intentions.  Embrace the claims of Dancing on the Edge.

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