Dangerous Dance by Samantha Cayto

Dangerous Dance by Samantha CaytoDangerous Dance by Samantha Cayto
Genres: BDSM, MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

More than a thousand years ago beings from another world crash landed on Earth.  The crew survived in part because of superior genetics. When they realized there would be no rescue it was decided they would quietly live alongside humans.  Unfortunately, there was a mutiny lead by crewmember Dracul whose one goal is to rule over alleveryone. Over time the Ccaptain and his loyal crew were forced to fight off Dracul’s machinations of world dominance.

Club Lux in Boston is owned and operated by Alex Stelalux and his family.  The Ccaptain and his crew are fully assimilated in human culture. Alex is kept busy with the club and his human lover Quinn.  Second-in-command Valerius opened his heart long ago to a human. When the young man and his son died in childbirth Val vowed to never fall in love again.  

Homophobic parents drove Mackenzie ‘Mackie’ Frasier from his home.  Without skills he chose to sell his body on the streets in order to survive.  Eventually he became a pole dancer at Club Lux. His need for submission is met by Val, a Dom.  Knowing exactly what Val truly is hasn’t deterred the bratty sub from wanting a permanent relationship.  When Val backs off from Mackie, the young human is hurt and can’t understand why the alien won’t commit.

Suddenly people begin dying from a new street drug called vamp.  The aliens realize Dracul is making another bid for domination. They need to find where this killer drug is being made. Val feels torn in two, he must assist his Ccaptain but at the same time he’s twisted up about Mackie, the twenty-something has his emotions in knots.  Somehow Mackie has to break through Val’s thick hide and reach his heart – to prove their relationship is worthwhile. And, stop Dracul in his tracks before more die.
Dangerous Dance is a dark emotional drama with depth.  Heinous villains and honorable heroe’s engage in a battle of wits with humanity as the prize.  The fast paced, detailed plotline gives the characters room to develop and grow. Val and Mackie’s complicated relationship runs the gamut – sacrifice and then love the ultimate winner.  There’s some unpleasant violence in Dangerous Dance but it does fit within the storyline.  All in all, a thrilling, fascinating tale.

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