DANGEROUS by R. G. Alexander

DANGEROUS by R. G. Alexander
by R. G. Alexander

Series: The Finn Factor #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Ex-marine Brady Finn is trying to find his place in the world.  After the military he tested his skills as a cop where his hardnosed father was a legend and one of his older brothers excelled.  Somehow the fit just wasn’t right.


Waking up after an alcohol fueled evening in the home of the one man Brady’s been trying to avoid must be a sign.  He’s been fighting his attraction to tech guru Ken Tanaka for a while, but apparently it’s time to face the music and face Ken.


Never one to engage in any form of BDSM, Brady is leery of getting involved with rope Dominant Ken, yet it’s impossible to deny the sparks that flare between them.  Working through their sexual desires Ken asks Brady for help finding someone believed to be trapped within the infamous Slaver’s Club.  What does it mean for their future when it’s easier to plan a slave’s escape from vicious Dominants rather than face his lover’s ropes?  The next step with Ken will be the hardest decision Brady’s ever made.


Mixing business with pleasure is so very DangerousThe Finn Factor’s third offering delivers a highly charged, highly sexual drama where nothing is out of bounds.  Alpha males, slaves, and power all play a part in the gripping tale.  Accept nothing and no one at face value in Dangerous.  Scorching hot scenes between the main characters light up the pages.  Brady and Ken wade through an absorbing, intense plotline.  Dangerous is an addictive delight.

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