Dangerously Broken
by Eden Bradley

Series: Dangerous Romance #2
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Source: Author


Summer Grace fell for her brother’s best friend, Jamie, when she was fourteen, and she kept thinking of ways to make him hers.  That was until her brother died and it seemed that Summer’s entire world fell apart.  The worst part was when Jamie left, and it seemed like Summer’s world would never be whole again.  It’s taken years, but Summer finally has it together.


Jamie Stewart-Greer felt like death was all he brought with him to those he loved.  It started with Brandon, his best friend, and Jamie finally gave in and left his home in New Orleans when his son died.  Jamie has always felt something for Brandon’s sister, Summer, and because they were so close, Summer was just off limits in his thoughts.  Now years later, Jamie is back home and going forward with his life—until Summer walks through the doors of his BDSM club and proves that she is still everything he has always wanted and more.


Summer still wants Jamie, but she now is a bit more cautious about what she asks for, as everything Summer wants always leaves her.  Jamie still fights his passion for Summer until it explodes between them.  Now, not only do they have the teenage feelings from so long ago, but also the adult passion and lust that has never gone away.  Their sexy role playing in BDSM just seems to prove how well they suit each other.  Jamie and Summer believe that they have finally gained the future they always wanted when an unexpected death might be the thing that either tears them apart or will pull them that final few steps into a forever full of love.


The shadows of death and promises seem to stay between two people destined for each other until they find a way to put the shadows in the past and take their love into the sunny future in Dangerously Broken.  Passion and lust just seemed to steam off of Summer and Jamie any time they are in the same room with each other.  I could understand where both Jamie and Summer were coming from, and yet it seemed that for every step they took forward, something took them back a few steps.  When Jamie and Summer finally came together, I thought they finally had overcome all the obstacles blocking them.  But an unexpected death almost brought Summer down, and then I saw just how much and how strong Jamie’s love for Summer was and how much Summer loved Jamie.  Dangerously Broken is a hot and emotional love story which proves that love is stronger than most of us know and can bend over and around anything when necessary.


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