DARE TO LOVE FOREVER by Jake C. WallaceDare to Love Forever by Jake C. Wallace
Series: New Vampire Justice #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


Carson Locke has spent his entire life within a square acre of land.  If not for the love of his mother, paternal uncle, and younger brother, Carson would be completely alone.  This is the price he is forced to pay for being born a Tabula Rasa vampire.  It’s an extremely rare and dangerous type of vampire because one single bite from a Tabula Rasa erases a person’s entire mind.  They become a blank who can be used as a weapon.


Starving and terrified Carson is on the run.  He walked out of their woods to discover his mother dying, and his uncle and brother missing from their home. It’s been ten days without blood and he’s desperate, but it can mean a death sentence if he steals blood.


Caught red handed by the New Vampire Justice officers he’s taken into custody and given transfusions when Commander Lincoln Samuels realizes what Carson is.  The commander is also a rare type of vampire, a Sanatore who has special healing gifts, though they come with a price.


Neither is aware that they are being moved like chess pieces.  There is an end goal and someone has been working a long time to get Carson in place.  It’s too bad they didn’t count on Lincoln to be the stubborn, strong willed vampire that he is. Nor do they expect Carson to show everyone what true strength looks like.


Dare to Love Forever takes readers on a fast paced, suspense filled mystery.  From zero to sixty – first page to the last – the action packed drama ignites.  A blend of flawed characters, sensuality, and a riveting plotline makes Dare to Love Forever a supremely satisfying read.  This is a great start to a new series and not to be missed.

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