DARK ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

DARK ALPHA by Carole Mortimer
Dark Alpha
by Carole Mortimer

Series: Alpha #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

The night Lucien Montgomery and his cousin Dair were ambushed by one of his father’s rivals was a wake-up call for them both.  As soon as their injuries healed Lucien quietly vanished.  Once Dair was well enough he joined the military.


Reinventing himself in New York, Lucien Wynter was born and used his intellect on the stock market.  Returning home some four years ago the reclusive billionaire is rarely seen in public and doesn’t allow anyone to photograph him.  His personal security is handled by an ex-military man Dair Grayson.


The first time he sees Nicky McKenzie he is interested.  The next time Lucien is in her presence he’s become intrigued.  From then on Lucien is hooked by Nicky’s brash honesty and quick wit.  Lucien doesn’t do relationships, but for Nicky he might make an exception.  If only Nicky wasn’t hiding something too.


A battle of wills is fought between an arrogant man and a strong willed woman as they clash and struggle to find middle ground in Dark Alpha.  The main characters have an awkward, contentious relationship sparked by chemistry that keeps them coming back for more.  Despite their difficulties, particularly Lucien’s crass behavior their eventual romance in Dark Alpha evolves into a sexy, committed love to savor.

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