Darkest Before Dawn
by Maya Banks

Series: KGI #10
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Honor Cambridge has gone to a war torn province in order to give medical aid and relief to the people who need it so badly.  In doing so, she has put herself in danger and there is a price on her head by none other than Maksimov, an uber bad guy who wants to make Honor suffer because of her family.  When Honor’s medical facility is bombed by ANE and she is able to translate that the terrorists are looking for her ‘dead’ body, she knows she has got to somehow get to the border and safety.  Hurt and alone, she does her best to blend into her surroundings, but it’s a no go.  She is recognized and without the help of her rescuer Hancock, she would be a sitting dead duck.


Hancock has more than rescue on his mind when he takes the job of finding and turning Honor Cambridge over to Maksimov. He is getting closer to taking Maksimov out and refuses to let anything stop him from reaching this goal…even if he has to turn over the only woman who makes him stop and think about forever.


Hancock and Honor play a game of cat and mouse that ultimately leads to a stolen night together.  Heartache, betrayal, and a lot of soul searching lead them back to each other and I was thrilled.


Anyone who has read the last few installments of Ms.Banks KGI series should be familiar with Hancock.  He is the man we love to hate – the man who is sitting on the fence.  Is he evil or a good guy? No one knows, but let me tell you, this girl was really apprehensive about reading his story.  He made me crazy in previous installments and I just couldn’t figure him out.  Evidently I was not as smart as Honor Cambridge because it took until the very end for me to stop being angry with him, but I am now happy to say that I kinda like him.  So to me, Darkest Before Dawn is a winner! I can’t wait for the next story.

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