DARKNESS BRED by Stella Cameron

DARKNESS BRED by Stella Cameron
Darkness Bred
by Stella Cameron

Published by Hachette Digital, Inc. Genres: Fiction, Paranormal
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Reviewed by Jo

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOONEver since shapeshifter Elin escaped to Whidbey Island, danger has stalked her every move. Her human traits, combined with her unique supernatural gifts, make her a prized being to be possessed . . . or destroyed. It is only the passionate attraction she shares with werehound Sean Black that gives her hope for her future-if she can elude the lethal predators who are hot on her scent.HIDES DANGER AND DESIRESean knows that Elin, with her delicate beauty and seductive powers, is his one perfect mate. The woman who can restore his humanity and make him stronger than ever. He'll need that strength and more to protect her from those who wish to destroy him and everything he desires. For Sean carries a secret that binds him to an enemy from the past and to a darker, deadlier force-a malignant evil that is hunting the women of Whidbey Island . . .

Elin is a shapeshifter who was stolen twice as a child, and the second time put her as the so-called daughter of the Fae Queen, Tarhazian.  But now Elin is all grown up and because of her beliefs, she has been forbidden from returning across the veil.  Elin is okay with that ruling except now the Fae Queen has decided to show her disproval by slowly taking away all of Elin’s fae gifts.  Elin is still determined to continue on her path of discovery and that path also leads to the man she has grown to love.


Sean Black is the second in the werehound pack located in Whidbey Island.  Normally Sean would never go against a direct statement by his alpha, but in this case Sean is going to find a way to keep the woman he loves – even if it means breaking from the pack.  Sean knows that Elin grew up in Tarhazian’s court but she has been very fierce in her denial of wanting anything to do with anything concerning the Fae except her friend Sally.  In order to keep peace in the pack, Sean will have to prove that Elin will never betray them to anyone and especially to Tarhazian.


Things are going crazy when during Elin and Sean’s hope to be together in a loving future two things come to a head at the same time.  First off, a spectra from Sean’s past is now close and looking for him and second, a deadly enemy that the pack has been searching for to explain the mysterious disappearances and other things that have been happening in Whidbey has been located.  Emotions get tangled as the answers to many questions seem to be tearing Elin and Sean further apart rather than closer together.  Yet, these two determined lovers are not going to let anything deny them a chance to live and love like everyone else.  When the final answers are found, will Elin and Sean finally get their time together on Whidbey?


Two shapeshifters battle friend and foe alike in order to have the love they have found together.  Darkness Bred brings Sean and Elin together in a deep love that nothing is allowed to deny.  I found myself cheering for Sean and Elin the more I read about their bumpy journey to get the happy ever after they are reaching for.  Elin’s past, while mostly known, was still a mystery about the parts that really mattered – her human background.  Sean had been betrayed in the past and while wanting to give Elin his heart, he was still wary of yet another betrayal.  I loved watching as the various mysteries were unwound and the enemies were soundly defeated.  I know that there are still a few mysteries out there with the pack and the women who love them, but I’m more than willing to wait, at least semi-patiently, for the next chapter in this intriguing series.  Elin and Sean’s journey is filled with equal parts of passion and danger that I found to be an intriguing page-turner in Darkness Bred.  A must read and a true keeper in my book.

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