DAVID’S SELFIE by Daisy Harris

DAVID’S SELFIE by Daisy Harris
David's Selfie
by Daisy Harris

Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

After the tragic death of his wife a little over a year ago Dr. David Letterer is left to raise their three year old, Maia, alone.  Sex has become a long ago memory for the admitted bisexual.  Desperate for some adult time David takes the plunge and agrees to meet a blind date at Pony, a well known gay bar in Seattle.  But when he catches a glimpse of his supposed date he hides in the men’s room until he can sneak out, accidentally leaving his phone behind with a rather explicit picture on the unprotected device.  In truth the one who really got his body hot was the sexy, muscular dancer performing on the bar at Pony.


As luck would have it someone does find David’s phone and is kind enough to call as well as willing to meet and return his treasure.  David, with Maia in tow, makes a stop at a coffee shop to retrieve his phone and unexpectedly hits it off right away with Craig Harding.  The doctor and his phone rescuer are doing great until David makes a crack about the hot dancer at Pony and before he knows it Craig is making excuses to leave.  David didn’t recognize Craig and the dancer is embarrassed.


Growing up in foster care Craig’s life has never been easy.  Hard work, long hours and persistence are finally paying off for the orphan whose dreams of earning multiple degrees before opening his own exercise studio is happening at last.  Regular expenses plus school takes several jobs including the dancing gig just to keep afloat.


David isn’t willing to give up on Craig even though he obviously said something wrong.  It takes a lot of patience on the doctors’ part, yet once they do begin seeing each other there’s no doubt in either mind they’ve got something special.  One has the responsibility of a young child, the other degrees to finish and a clingy roommate so finding time and a place to spend together is almost impossible.  For David and Craig romance is proving to be somewhat…difficult.


Author Daisy Harris sets up an amusing premise for her characters and lets the sparks fly.  They couldn’t be more different in life lessons, experiences growing up, etc…yet the old saying opposites attract holds true in David’s Selfie for David and Craig.  The couple feels genuine; their problems feel real and their struggles worthwhile.  David’s Selfie has a cute ‘hook’ for a first meeting and then navigates real life to find happiness together.

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