DEATHTRAP by L. M. Somerton

DEATHTRAP by L. M. Somerton
by L. M. Somerton

Series: The Wyverns #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

The Wyvern Motorcyle Club has a brutal, vicious reputation.  Secretly however their motives are to stop gun running and major drug deals in the Southwest desert region under the directives of ghost handler Mr. Trap.


At one time the men were charged with keeping Orlando de la Pena on ice in an effort to control his father, a cartel czar.  They did their job well, but Rogue Hellaby, the Wyvern leader, is unable to set Orlando free.  Rogue is finding it easier to handle his men than the feisty little submissive.


Locked up in the Wyvern stronghold deep in the desert, Orlando is going nuts with boredom.  When his Dom is called away Orlando sneaks outside for a walk in the desert.  The city boy soon learns that he’s ill equipped to handle the rugged terrain after a run in with a rattlesnake.


Unaware there’s a problem back home Rogue is dealing with the rival Longhorn Motorcyle Club who want the desert territory for their own.  Orlando’s only hope is to be found in time.  Every minute counts and Rogue is nowhere in sight.


Another adventure explodes for The Wyverns in Deathtrap, the second exciting book in this series.  This high octane gritty storyline proves there’s never a dull moment for Rogue, Orlando, or his men.  Keeping Orlando out of mischief is a full time job for the tough Dom.  Intense, erotic, and romantic in its own way Deathtrap overflows with sexy bad boys and a bold plotline.  Seriously hot entertainment.

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