DECK THE DIRE WOLVES by Stephani Hecht

DECK THE DIRE WOLVES by Stephani Hecht
Deck the Dire Wolves
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Dire Pack Reborn #2
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher



For the crime of being gay omega Dire Wolf Clark is condemned to a slow, painful death by his own Alpha Bern.  The prison he inhabits is a shallow hole in the ground covered by bars.  Starving, covered in open sores and bruises, as well as given a shot to stop his ability to shift and heal, Clark is dying, hour by hour.


Barely alive Clark is rescued by his cousin Lillian, the one family member with a shred of kindness.   She heads for the pack lands of Alpha Bishop.  There are rumors of tolerance within his pack so it’s their best chance for sanctuary.


Granted asylum, Alpha Bishop feels an immediate wash of protectiveness as he gazes at the battered body on the gurney.  Bishop’s main worry is whether his little omega will survive the night.   Next is concern for the violent Bern who’s sure to come looking for his missing prisoner.  Christmas Eve is approaching and suddenly everything has changed for a lonely Alpha and a young omega who’d given up hope.


The holiday season has fresh meaning for a newly formed pack in Deck the Dire Wolves.  Focusing on a horrific situation the story evolves into one of promise and hope.  This fast paced, ultimately cheery romance charms with the spirit of the coming holiday.  By the time the story is done Deck the Dire Wolves will leave the reader with a heartwarming feeling.


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