DEEP DIVE by Jeff Erno

DEEP DIVE by Jeff Erno
Deep Dive
by Jeff Erno

Series: Tidal Crest #1
Published by eXtasy Books Source: Publisher

At one time Sam Lewis was on top of the world and everyone knew the name of the Olympic diver and his medals.  But that was several years ago.  He knew the public would be fickle and quickly forget.  So the medals gathered dust and Sam used his past fame for a job as a star attraction at Water World in southern California.


When his day was over Sam loved to visit the Atlantic Kingdom exhibit and watch the lifelike mermaids and mermen show.  Sam is thrilled to meet Percy who works behind the scene at the exhibit as one of their designers.


Perhaps the idea of love at first sight is stretching things a bit, yet Sam is admittedly smitten with Percy from the moment they are introduced.  The more time they spend together the further Sam falls for the sexy and sweet Adonis.  Everything is going well until Percy tells him that his parents are extremely traditional and expect him to marry the woman they’ve chosen.  Telling them that he’s gay won’t matter according to Percy.  Trying to understand that is nothing compared to seeing Percy suddenly take to the water and transform into a merman.  There are so many complications to their relationship Sam isn’t sure what to tackle first.  The only certainty is knowing that Sam refuses to lose Percy to another.


The call of the sea changes one man’s life forever in Deep Dive.  An original storyline from the ocean comes to life within the pages of Deep Dive, the first book in the Tidal Crest series.  Sam has developed a certain amount of cynicism which helps him deal with Percy’s unusual life.  As for the merman, he’s a gentle soul whose passive personality desperately needs someone like Sam in his corner.  The one time medalist becomes the hero here, the knight in shining armor.  Enjoy Deep Dive – Sam’s a worthy treasure for Percy’s kingdom.

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