DEEP PLUNGE by Rory Ni Coileain

DEEP PLUNGE by Rory Ni Coileain
Deep Plunge
by Rory Ni Coileain

Series: Soulshares #3
Published by Ravenous Romance Genres: Fantasy, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Two thousand year old Lochlann Doran wanders the human world after being cut off from the Realm, his fae home.  His worst moment happened over six hundred years ago when the last of Lochlann’s magick faded from the once powerful healer.


In order to survive Garrett Templar turned tricks and paid the price by contracting HIV at the tender age of eighteen.  He’s managed the disease with medication, however at his latest checkup the news wasn’t good.  For some unknown reason his illness has turned into full blown AIDS.


Visiting the popular bar Purgatory one night, Lochlann encounters a gorgeous dancer on a pole who captivates him.  The fae recognizes his other half in the human Garrett.  Trying to explain the Soulshare to Garrett is complicated.  Telling him that when Lochlann left the Realm his soul was torn in two, half he kept and half was thrown into the human world.  They are meant to bond and love if Garrett can believe.


Neither is aware that they are being manipulated by the fae versions of good and evil.  Others will become involved as well, some to help and another to ensure evil is triumphant.  Good and evil will battle for the power their bond will create.  Dare they risk it when the balance of the Realm and the human world is at stake?


A light shines pure in Deep Plunge for destined lovers.  The multi-layered plotline features a tentative beginning, a unity of fae and humans, and a fight between incredibly powerful forces.  Lochlann is overjoyed to find Garrett for many reasons.  As for Garrett, he’s a man who’s given up on hope and dares the fae to make him think he can begin to believe in someone else.  Deep Plunge is a love story on the surface with many murky and intriguing layers underneath.  Can be read as a standalone, but knowing secondary characters from reading the previous books is a bonus.  Enthralling and original Deep Plunge satisfies on every level.

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