DOWN DEEP by Virna DePaul

DOWN DEEP by Virna DePaulDown Deep by Virna DePaul
Series: Going Deep #1
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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Camille Pollert had a serious crush on Heath Dawson who was on the football team in High School only he never noticed her. When Camille is offered the chance to take pictures of the game she is excited because it gives her a chance to see him and take pictures of him that maybe she can keep for herself. When Heath humiliates her and calls her a “waterboy” causing his father does the same, Camille swears she is over her crush and seeks revenge. Now 10 years later she is hoping for a job in the NFL but her first assignment is to take team pictures for the team that Heath is on, but seeing him again brings back old feelings she thought she buried years ago.


Heath Dawson isn’t just a talented player in the league but also one of the best looking. Women flock to him, but when the photographer that is hired gives him the cold shoulder he is even more intrigued, especially when he comes to find out it happens to be Camille who he hasn’t seen since high school. She is no longer the awkward looking girl she once was, she is beautiful and has filled out nicely. Heath knows he wants her under him or over him, hell it doesn’t matter but she isn’t giving him the time of day. Now Heath is looking for a second chance with Camille; only he has to have a first chance to have a second but when his game starts to suffer he might have to beg for a third. Only Camille isn’t going to make it easy this time and just when he’s found her he might lose her in the end.


Down Deep was a funny and sexy read that I enjoyed, but I did have some issues with the characters; while I found them likeable and thought they had great heat between them I didn’t really see them as couple. I felt as if they were more like sex buddies. Heath I found too cocky for his own good at times and he treated Camille as if she was a yo-yo which I started to find on the annoying side. Camille took what he gave and couldn’t stay away from him. One minute she only wants sex with him and is hurt when she is treated that way then the next she wanted more. She was a little to wishy washy for my liking.


For a sports romance Deep Down didn’t have a lot of football scenes which I missed. I thought the pacing was great and the writing was flawless. The ending was a little abrupt for my taste but overall Down Deep was just an okay read for me. Will I read more of Virna. DePaul’s work? Yes, and honestly I hope this becomes a series in the long run.

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