DELTA SALVATION by Elle BoonDelta Salvation by Elle Boon
Series: SEAL Team Phantom #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Alexa Gordon is trying to put an error in judgment behind her.   Unfortunately the so called ‘error’ is a big, bully of a mistake and he won’t stay out of Alexa’s life.  Ex-boyfriend Danny Reed finally does the unimaginable and nearly beats Alexa to death.  Once she heals a woman’s advocate helps her sneak out of Chicago and head out of town.


On the run, Alexa’s flat tire and Danny’s appearance on a lonely road spells certain disaster until she’s saved by a strange militant group who take her to their compound in the woods.  They may have protected her from Danny, but they won’t let her leave.  She’s forced to join them and train with them.  Alexa’s virtually a prisoner until suddenly they disappear like ghosts and a Seal team arrives lead by Captain Kayan ‘Kai’ Swift, big, buff, and stubborn as all get out.


They check out her story and believe Alexa’s innocence before sending her on her way with a place to stay and a job waiting for her.  What Alexa doesn’t realize is that Kai and his men are watching her every step until she’s kidnapped.  To save Alexa from the danger swirling around her the Seal will have to go into protection mode.  Before all is said and done Alexa and Kai will be bonded or destroyed in ways they never imagined.


A beacon for trouble, Alexa will need a Delta Salvation in order to survive in the form of a super charged Seal.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire Alexa jumps from one disaster to another in this wild adventure.  Non-stop action packed drama Delta Salvation keeps the reader on their toes from start to finish.  Alexa’s story engages the reader because she never acts like a damsel in distress, she faces everything head on.  Hold on, keep track Delta Salvation twists and turns at every step.

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