Delucca's Marriage Contract
by Abby Green

Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

Giancarlo “Gianni” Delucca wants to repair the damage the family name, and so he seeks to align himself with a company that will take his worldwide.  Gianni only has to agree to marry the daughter to gain access to the O’Connor holdings.  He thought it seemed simple, and he even allowed Keelin O’Connor the opportunity to opt out of the deal.  However, Keelin will do “almost” anything to show her father that she is capable of stepping into the family business, but she won’t readily go down the aisle to meet the opportunist Giancarlo Delucca.  She also won’t be the one to call a halt to the nuptials, so instead she must convince him that not marrying would be in his best interest.  Yet, Giancarlo isn’t at the top of his game for nothing, and he soon sees through her charade, but will he truly see it all?


Delucca’s Marriage Contract is a sizzling contemporary read, with two strong leads that kept the pages moving to discover what they would get up to next.


I enjoyed the deception that Keelin enlisted, and it was really hot that Gianni was smart enough to see the depths Keelin hid as they learned to negotiate their way in Delucca’s Marriage Contract.  I appreciated the fact that Gianni wasn’t willing to blackmail Kellin into marriage, but allowed her an out even though it was virtually not really feasible for her.  I liked that Gianni was just trying to be a good guy, and prove he was worthy of more than what his father left him with in Delucca’s Marriage Contract as it was a noble endeavor.  I also found it slightly amusing what Keelin attempted in order to gain her own way in Delucca’s Marriage Contract, but I felt that she was outgunned and outmaneuvered in the end.  Keelin was correct that in order for Gianni to gain what he wanted she had to give up something for herself, and I still felt that it was her caving to him in the end of Delucca’s Marriage Contract.  I didn’t think that Gianni showed how far he was willing to go, but instead we were told after he knew for sure where he stood in DeLucca’s Marriage Contract.

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