DEMON OF MINE by Rayna Vause

DEMON OF MINE by Rayna Vause
Demon of Mine
by Rayna Vause

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Nothing can be worse than watching a beloved sister slowly loose a hard fought battle with cancer.  Ryan Monroe has looked on as Maggie slips away a little at a time, knowing there’s nothing he can do to keep her here.  Before long Ryan and his young niece Mya will be alone.


At his wit’s end Ryan begs his best friend Jason for a miracle.  After all, Jason owns The Mystic Corner and he’s into all that new age mumbo jumbo stuff.  Surely there’s something he can do.  Clutching at straws, Ryan’s even willing to follow the spell in an old book offering to grant a wish for the price of a soul.


Something strange happens when the mortal makes his wish and Zavier accepts the deal.  There’s a connection.  A feeling of remembrance that shouldn’t be possible between the human and the demon.  Even Zavier’s angel friend Adrian believes there is something questionable going on.


Time however is not on their side.  Maggie is dying.  A soul is in jeopardy.  The truth may be more than either can bear.  Cheating death or eternal life.  So be it.


It’s a race against time as tensions mount in Demon of Mine.  The past and the present collide in this heartwarming love story.  Ryan and Zavier give their all for the ones they love again and again in the emotionally charged drama.  Risking everything for love in Demon of Mine.  Electrifying and thought provoking, Demon of Mine demands and ultimately delivers.

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