DEMON PRINCE by S.J. FrostDemon Prince by S. J. Frost
Series: Paranormal Nobles #3
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

Events over the eons have made demon Prince Sytri and demon Duke Sallos friends, lovers, and then through treachery the worst of enemies.  Recently, however, Prince Sytri was instrumental in helping Sal and his witch lover Calvin Blackwood defeat a powerful foe.  It was then that Sy spent a brief time with vampire Prince Basil Warrick.  Since that singular introduction the demon noble has been unable to stop thinking about the sexy vampire prince.


Life is good in Savannah as far as Basil is concerned with the success of his blood house Ambrosia where vampires and human donors can safely interact.  Lately thoughts of the hot demon refuse to be dismissed.


When Sy finally manages to track down the vampire, he’s determined to get to know Basil better, much better.  He’s also glad to leave the demon realm where King Ryloc is beginning to become a problem.


As the two begin to enjoy time together while trying to get Sallos to calm the hell down, a nightmare from Basil’s past reappears.  He’s too powerful for Basil to handle alone.  Without the demon’s help Basil may be lost…forever.


The Paranormal Nobles series continues to offer deliciously dark tales.  This time out the Demon Prince unfolds with a sensual, dangerous drama.  Fascinating characters and a twisting turning plotline comes alive in an intelligent, riveting story.  This standalone tale will thrill fans and new readers alike, though knowing the previous books adds to secondary character motivation.  Dive into Demon Prince, but remember to occasionally come up for air.

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