DERICK by Catherine Lievens

DERICK by Catherine Lievens
by Catherine Lievens

Series: Whitedell Pride #2
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Pretty much everyone in the Gillham wolf pack barely tolerates Derick Teague because he’s gay.  If it wasn’t for the love of his older brother Duncan the young wolf would probably have left long ago and been labeled a rogue.  Since no one paid attention to him it was easy to accidentally overhear Alpha Walter Erskine and his inner circle plan to overthrow the Whitedell pride and take their land.


Feeling empathy toward the innocent pride members Derick abandons his home to warn the cat shifters.  Alpha Dominic luckily believes his story.  Standing in the Alpha’s office with his jaguar Beta Nate, the cat and the wolf scent each other as mates.  To Derick’s way of thinking a dog and a cat don’t bond, but he’s willing to think about it.


Their mating shoots into high gear when the wolf Alpha demands Derick’s return and they all know what that would mean.  Tensions run high between the pack and the pride as shifter laws are tested.  Some take advantage and others outright bend the rules.  It’s a tug of war with Derick and Nate right in the middle.  Without help their mating doesn’t stand a chance.


Another intense adventure for the Whitedell Pride with Derick, the second book in the series.  A wolf tries to do the right thing for another group of shifters and all hell breaks loose.  Derick and Nate’s romance takes a back seat to the machinations of a dishonorable Alpha.  The young wolf hides a more than tender heart, worried that his stoic suitor will ultimately break him.  Derick deserves every bit of happiness from his uptight jaguar. Ultimately they will find a way.  This delightful series is becoming addictive.

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