DESERT ICE by Rose Maefair

DESERT ICE by Rose MaefairDesert Ice by Rose Maefair
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loose Id

He was betrayed.  The heir to Seadragon’s Fief was betrayed by his own father.  All because of a beautiful young woman who gave the widowed king a newborn son.  She whispered in her lover’s ear that the firstborn heir was planning treason.


Taken far from his northern home to the desert city of Tandir Wylham stood chained to a post dying of thirst and hunger.  He cursed the beauty who beguiled his father and brought Wyl to such an ignoble end.


Meanwhile the young and powerful mage Lysander searched the city for a warrior who could aid his home Steed’s Hold which was under siege by a group bent on controlling all free holds in the desert.  His plan was to find a slave to aid their cause who would be set free once victory was achieved.


The terms of purchase for the slave Wylham came at great cost to both men.  The pact would bind them together, forever.  Worse, if that was possible Wylham refused to accept his new status and fought his changed reality at every turn.  The chance of them making it to Steed’s Hold, let alone helping the beleaguered town lessened with each new day.


A sweeping adventure fraught with emotional entanglement, Desert Ice is a hard won love story.  The main characters embark on a twisting, turning journey where Wyl and Lysander are forced to deal with the worst humanity has to offer.  Unable to understand each other in the beginning, then followed by miscommunication leads to heartache in this angst ridden drama.  A gritty, honest, and sometimes unsettling tale at times, Desert Ice is an intensely layered riveting read.  Wyl and Lysander’s painful start ultimately leads to a rich, rewarding ending.

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