DIABLO LAKE: MOONSTRUCK by Lauren DaneDiablo Lake: Moonstruck by Lauren Dane
Series: Diablo Lake #1
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Carina Press


Katie Grady left her hometown of Diablo Lake, Tennessee after being stood up at the altar.  Diablo Lake is a very unusual town in that most of the citizens are either witches, a guardian, or part of one of the two werewolf packs.  Magic is everywhere, and Katie is no exception as a witch.  Katie has just come home, because her father is seriously ill, and she needs to take over the family business.  Katie is ready to move forward with her life, and she isn’t about to let anyone in the town hold her past against her.


Jace Dooley is going to be the next Alpha of his pack when his grandfather finally steps aside.  Jace is one of the town cops right now, so he keeps law and order both in the town and in the pack.  Jace has been in no hurry to find his mate, but when Katie comes home and then moves in across the hall from him, he can’t ignore the feelings she gives him and his wolf.  He knows that Katie is justifiably wary of wolves, but he is determined to show her that he is nothing like her ex.


Katie has always had a crush on Jace, but never expected him to look at her twice, much less want to go out with her.  However, things have changed since Katie came home.  The attraction between them can almost be seen it’s so strong.  There are deep undercurrents in Diablo Lake, so as Katie works to make her family’s business grow and help out with her father’s recovery it seems that not everyone is happy with her and Jace seeing each other.  Past circumstances have put the two wolf packs in charge of the town:  one as the white collar jobs and the other with the blue collar jobs, each to the detriment of the other groups.  The town has been out of balance for too many years, but that all may change very soon with Katie and Jace getting together combined with Jace’s Alpha strength and Katie’s witch powers all coming out just as they officially mate.  With one of the town’s pack trying to tear them apart and the other willing to fight to keep them together, will Jace and Katie have their special day?


A high school crush blossoms into love years later as two strong people have their chance at love in Diablo Lake: Moonstruck.  I will say first off that I absolute love Ms. Dane’s fun and strong heroines, and Katie was definitely one of those.  Jace was the perfect mate for Katie as I got to know them both.  I really hated how they had to deal with all the town’s undercurrents, while trying to just get past the day-to-day hazards of falling in love.  Yet, I loved how well they complemented each other as they kicked ass and took names. I have a feeling that this next generation is going to shake some things up in Diablo Lake, and I can’t wait to see what the next couple does.  Diablo Lake: Moonstruck combines humor and passion with just the perfect touch of suspense, then mixes it all together for great first book in a new series about the citizens in a very unusual town.

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