Dictatorship of the Dress
by Jessica Topper

Series: Much “I Do” About Nothing #1
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Laney Hudson has been chosen to deliver her mother’s wedding dress to the location of her destination wedding.  However, Laney is carrying more than the designer baggage on this flight.  Being mistaken for the bride and getting a little ‘star treatment’ didn’t seem like a big deal, until Laney finds that she might have bitten off more than she can chew.  Will she be able to let go of some of her luggage in order to move on, or will she clutch on tight to past hurts and forego a HEA for her future?

Noah Ridgewood is in route to his bachelor party in the city whose motto is, ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’!  Finding himself stuck next to a seatmate his handy app never anticipated, software designer, Noah soon finds that his second thoughts on his impending marriage may have some solid foundation to second guess what he has chosen to do with his life.  Noah and Laney are forced to spend more than the normal flight time together, and as both begin to unravel some things from their pasts, they find that they just might harbor the answers for one another’s futures.  However, will they take that leap or stick to the known?

Dictatorship of the Dress masquerades as a campy beach read, but it is so much more than that!  The whole set-up of Dictatorship of the Dress is life-like in its simplicity and circumstances of getting Noah and Laney in the same place at the same time.  The characters are deeply real and completely fleshed out with their lives and their pasts that culminated into forming them into what they are in Dictatorship of the Dress.

Noah and Laney are very likable, but I especially enjoyed the changes they made in order to let go of what bound them and held them back.  It was as though they were waiting to finally reach the next pinnacle of their lives and their chance encounter on that flight set them up to start cracking the past in the Dictatorship of the Dress.

I began Dictatorship of the Dress with a preconceived notion about Noah, but I was pleasantly surprised, and I liked the fact that the secondary character tied to him wasn’t that bad. I wondered about Laney’s foundation for why she did what she did, and Ms. Topper held her secrets close, not completely revealing all until wrapping up the Dictatorship of the Dress, which kept the pages turning too.

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