DIEGO by Angel Martinez

DIEGO by Angel Martinez
by Angel Martinez

Series: Endangered Fae #2
Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The fantastical books Diego Sandoval writes are a hit.  What the bestselling author knows and the public does not is that the stories are actually real.  The pooka in his tales are, in truth stories about his lover Finn, the fae pooka Fionnachd.  Living in the wilds of Montana allows the couple to hide Finn’s ability to shape shift and let Diego exercise his own human magical talents.


An emotional outburst by the writer inadvertently opens a tear in the previously unknown Veil behind their house.  Leading from Earth to the Otherworld Diego and Finn are hurled to different spots where they are found by fae of the two separate courts.


Finn awakens within Fomorian King Balor’s lands as Diego regains consciousness in the court of Queen Danu and the sidhe.  It will take time to untangle the mess their appearance has made, yet sadly it will prove nothing to the chaos that occurs when humans come in contact with the fae.  It is about to get much worse before it’s better.


Hold on tight for the wild ride about to begin in Diego.  Author Angel Martinez pens an incredibly intricate series that takes readers on a whirlwind adventure.  Emotions run high as Diego and Finn attempt to chart a steady course in their relationship until all hell breaks loose.  When fae and humans meet the response is explosive and sorrowful.  Book two in the series adds fuel to the enthralling storyline.  Diego satisfies on every level.  A seriously intense drama with fascinating, complicated characters. Dive in.

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  1. Beverley Jansen says:

    Love this series and really glad to see a lovely review of it. This series deserves more ‘exposure’.

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