THE DISCIPLE by Susan Laine

THE DISCIPLE by Susan LaineThe Disciple by Susan Laine
Series: Wheel Mysteries #4
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Lovers Gus Goodwin and Niall Valentine are planning to embrace the big commitment. Yep, they’re engaged to be married. All they have to do is set the date.


Owner and proprietor of the Four Corners occult shop Gus is a level headed, glass is half full kind of guy.  Neil on the other hand is an ex-military P.I. who sees the worst in people on a regular basis.


Murder brought them together and it looks like they are deep in it again.  Gus saw a scared young man in his shop one day and the next his body is discovered at the Radical Fairies sanctuary in the mountains.  Of course, Gus and Neil feel obliged to figure out who the killer might be.  It doesn’t help that Gus’s ex-lover Prof. Alex Kittridge is one of the suspects, along with a handful of others at the sanctuary.  The final confusing inclusion is Autumnsong, a young man they’ve met before who’s bound to complicate unmasking the murderer.  Their wedding plans may never get started at this rate.


Unraveling a mysterious death and blowing the case wide open seem to be Gus and Neil’s specialty.  Their latest effort is The Disciple, another clever whodunit.   Murder and mayhem go hand in hand with the lovers’ plans for matrimony.  Engaging characters move the drama briskly along in this enjoyable story.  Embrace Gus and Neil’s new suspense laden book The Disciple.

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