DO YOU SEE ME NOW by Stephani Hecht

DO YOU SEE ME NOW by Stephani Hecht
Do You See Me Know
by Stephani Hecht

Published by MLR Press Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Skinny, geeky little openly gay Dax Rogers suffered through the unfortunately predictable peer pressures and tortures of high school with two goals in mind.  He would graduate and he could see popular jock Lance Walter every single day.

As an adult he’s been sweetly compensated for those miserable years with a very successful career as a makeup artist on a hit television show.  Ironically, walking to the studio every day Dax passes a popular coffee shop featuring none other than Lance behind the counter.  It’s obvious to Dax that Lance doesn’t remember him at all.

Receiving an invitation to a ten year reunion weekend get together leaves Dax conflicted.  On the one hand they were horrible to him so why should he want to see any of them again, on the other he’s going home extremely successful when no one expected him to amount to anything.  There is also the possible bonus if Lance goes.  Maybe, hopefully he’d recognize Dax?

A charming romance from start to finish.  Do You See Me Now features realistic characters within a fresh take on a tried and true plotline.  Sweet revenge and a couple of twists in the story give additional depth.  All in all, cheering for Dax and Lance is a no brainer.

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