Dominate by Bailey Bradford

Dominate by Bailey BradfordDominate by Bailey Bradford
Series: Power #3
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Taking a deep breath and girding his loins, so to speak, Forest Tilden walks into his very first BDSM club Head n’ Tails.  Years of secret yearnings, reading and watching videos have given Forest the courage to finally accept his sexual desires. It may be baby steps but it’s certainly a start.

Watching consensual acts within the club; Forest is equally uncomfortable and turned on.  When an overbearing Dom is too force full the young submissive isn’t quite sure what he should do.  

Dom Quarry Light is part owner of Heads n’ Tails. He feels strongly about the ‘lifestyle’ and the rules that bind them within the BDSM community. Watching a pushy Dom make a move on the sub he’s had his eye on Quar feels doubly obligated to step in and save Forest.  

The sub is sweet and naïve with very little sexual experience.  Quar on the other hand has several failed relationships under his belt so he’s soured on anything that lasts more than a single night.  Saving Forest from a persistent Dom proves highly satisfying. There’s something about the sexy sub that draws Quar’s attention. Maybe both their lives are about to change.  All it takes is a little faith, in each other.
Dominate treats the reader to a refreshingly adorable and spicy introduction between opposites.  Engaging main characters steal the story with ease. This fast paced slice of BDSM ‘lite’ style works.  Enjoy Dominate as Forest and Quar gently explore the beginnings of a wonderful life together.

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