DON’T DRINK THE HOLY WATER by Bailey BradfordDon't Drink the Holy Water by Bailey Bradford
Series: The Vamp for Me #4
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

After losing his parents to a stupid, tragic accident West is a 24 year old young man responsible for a bevy of younger siblings.  On a rare night out West goes to a club and ends up being attacked in the back alley.  Waking up after suffering incredible agony West is faced with a new reality – he’s a vampire.  Coven leader Claude explains it was either complete the change or let him die, which would have left the children orphans.  Once he’s come to grips with his new life West and the children are relocated to a much larger coven in Portland where everyone chips in and there are other children in this coven.


Though sand boarding isn’t recognized as a major sport Roger ‘Axel’ Majors is managing to eke out a living as one of the highest ranked in this budding sport.  If not for the constant trouble from his ex-boyfriend and fellow competitor, Jukie, his life would be pretty darn good.


Practicing outside of Portland before a competition Jukie yet again gives Axel grief and takes off at sunset leaving the sand boarder on his own to get back to the city. Axel can’t believe his bad luck when the ATV won’t start.  He begins walking and can’t comprehend what he’s seeing, it can’t really be zombies. Can it?  Then a stranger suddenly shows up who helps him get out of the desert safely.


Maybe it’s the fear of more zombies or a massive hallucination, but when Axel bumps into West again they actually hit it off.  West would really like to get to know Axel better, yet who in their right mind would get involved with a vampire.  Complications, maybe a few.  At least he’s not a zombie, right?


Don’t Drink the Holy Water sets the stage for an intriguing blend of edgy drama and comical situations.  It’s a new world for West and Axel with vampires, zombies, and teenage siblings, yikes.  Charming characters manage to pull off the over the top plotline.  Balancing out the fun is a subplot with a painful dose of reality.  All in all book four in The Vamp for Me series shines with Don’t Drink the Holy Water.  Hold on tight.

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