A DOUBLE SACRIFICE by Jaxx SteeleA Double Sacrifice by Jaxx Steele
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

A great many years ago the people of Karibo, Africa were favored by the gods.  They had everything they could wish for, but over time they squandered their gifts and forgot to honor the gods who had blessed them.  In retaliation the gods left and the people watched as their lives became a living hell.  It was only through their contrition that the lake god of Karibo offered them redemption.  They would allow the current King’s daughter an overnight visit with the god whenever he appeared to fulfill the bargain.


It is time again for The Day of Deliverance and the presentation of the King’s daughter.  For the first time in their history the King has twin children.  Legend has it that Princess Abeni will dream of her god before The Day of Deliverance to prepare her.  How is it then that Prince Kenwei is losing sleep because each night he has vivid carnal dreams of a stranger and himself locked together?  How can he explain this or should he?  The day draws near without answers.


An erotic little fable comes true in A Double Sacrifice.  The naïve Prince has an eye opening awakening in this smoking hot tale.  Though the twist in this story is obvious, A Double Sacrifice is nonetheless a charming book for readers to enjoy.

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