Downtown Bus
by Sui Lynn

Series: Prehistoric Shifters #1
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


This is not the life Micah Lewis would wish on anyone.  Of course working for someone isn’t a problem.  It’s the fact that his twin brother Spencer is used as leverage to control Micah and vice versa.  Forced to live and work within the city he yearns for open land, pine forests, and fresh, unpolluted air.  The closest Micah can get to freedom is one of the cities small parks, and that’s only if he gets permission.  As long as Leopold the Fae owns the twins there is no chance of escape.


If not for the problems with his motorcycle werewolf shifter Daniel Hawthorn would’ve been long gone from the city.  Charged with acknowledging Leopold the Fae as head of the Paranormal Council in his brother’s stead Daniel’s waiting for the repairs to be done.  Sitting on a crowded bus is the last place the wolf shifter expects to scent his mate.


Knowing there will be consequences, a punishment, Micah nonetheless accepts an invitation from Daniel to spend time together.  It won’t matter to the Council leader that Daniel and Micah are mates.  As far as the Fae is concerned Micah is his and if he doesn’t behave Spencer will pay the price.  Torn between duty to his brother and to his mate Micah is truly stuck.  The next step will change everything.


An innovative set up in Downtown Bus amplifies an intriguing wrinkle to the basic shifter storyline.  Micah’s own unique heritage, captive shifters, and other bad deeds are brought to life in this original series. Tall, dark, and smitten Daniel is the perfect mate for Micah.  This plotline ‘formula’ gets a fresh look with engaging characters and an edgy twist or two in Downtown Bus.  What happens next in this new series is anyone’s guess.


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