DRAGON RISING by Jaime RushDragon Rising by Jaime Rush
Series: The Hidden #1.5
Genres: Erotica, Fantasy, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Forever

Reviewed by Jo

They are the Hidden. Not quite human. Far from normal. And never, ever safe . . . After her father falls victim to a serial kidnapper, cunning Dragon shifter Lyra Slade is determined to rescue him. When she discovers a clue to his disappearance that leads her to a sexy but aloof stranger, she knows she shouldn't trust him to help her, but she's run out of options. Archer Grant, a descendant of fallen angels, is reluctant to aid the beautiful dragon because her evidence implicates his own brother . . . But when his brother also goes missing, Archer must work with Lyra to uncover the truth. But even as a supernatural desire grows between angel and dragon, they are hunted by an evil force. Faced with the deadliest of dark magick, can even love save them?(25,000 words)

Lyra Slade is a dragon shifter who is desperate to figure out what has happened to her father.  He just disappeared and all appearances look as if he was mixed up with a married dragon shifter who has also disappeared.  To top it off, Lyra destroyed what might have been a clue because she was afraid of what it might have said and it ended up breaking up her brother and his girlfriend.  Now Lyra has to find out the truth and what really happened when her father disappeared – even if it’s something she doesn’t want to learn.

Archer Grant is amazed when Lyra shows up and asks for his help.  As the son of a fallen angel, Archer knows that getting involved with Lyra could cause him more pain than not.  But when Archer finds out that this same mystery also involves his brother who is also missing, he agrees to help Lyra, even knowing that the price might be more than he wants to pay.

As Lyra and Archer trace back both her father’s and his brother’s last known steps, it is looking like both disappearances are joined in a bizarre set of facts.  As Lyra and Archer get closer to finding out who is behind these mysteries, they are also getting closer and passion is just lurking waiting for a chance to burst out.  The problem with that is that angels are not allowed to feel anything and the pain when they do is a killing one.  A few stolen moments prove that Lyra and Archer have something between them that could be true love, but neither can figure out a way that they can be together without hurting Archer.  However, during their search to find their loved ones they also discover that the very thing they are hunting for might have a solution for them also – if they can dare to try it. 

An angel not allowed to feel is teaming up with a dragon shifter whose feelings are deep and fierce – especially when she loves.  Archer and Lyra find the answer to allow their love in Dragon Rising.  I could tell that Lyra was worried about what she might discover about her father and what he was doing when he disappeared and yet I loved that she went forward to discover the truth anyway.  Archer had my backing because even though he wasn’t supposed to feel, it was his feelings for his brother that allowed him to team up with Lyra.  I really enjoyed watching as Lyra and Archer proved just how good a team they were in finding the clues and the answers that lead to what really happened.  Watching as they fell in love and then separated thinking there was no hope.  I truly loved Archer when he risked everything to grab his only chance at having Lyra forever.  Dragon Rising is full of suspense and passion with slivers of humor which had me rooting for Archer and Lyra beating the odds – and did they ever.  I can’t wait to read the first full book in this series next.

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