DRAGON STORM by Katie MacAlister

DRAGON STORM by Katie MacAlisterDragon Storm by Katie MacAlister
Series: Dragon Falls #2
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Grand Central Publishing


Constantine Norka was once the head of the Silver Dragons and then was killed and now is a spirit dragon living with his ex-mate and her new mate, Baltic, the new head of the Light Dragons.  Now his days are spent seeing just how much he can irritate Baltic and others.  So when Constantine is asked to go and try to find a certain artifact as a talisman that could be used to help destroy the curse on the dragons, he reluctantly agrees.


Bee Ndala, is a charmer who was brought in to undo the curse and free all of the dragons and their mates.  Considering her younger sister is now a dragon mate, Bee wants to get this done as soon as possible.  So when she decided to take it upon herself to find an artifact to use as the talisman, Bee never expected to be captured by Asmodeus’s goons and locked into a prison in Abaddon.  Even more unexpected was being found and released by a sexy dragon sent to do the same thing as Bee.


Constantine and Bee escape Abaddon with what they believe will be needed for Bee to unravel the curse.  However, when they try, it horribly backfires, and they and the other dragons and mates learn that they had the wrong person behind the curse—it was Bael, not Asmodeus.  Now, the stakes are even higher to find a new talisman and break the curse, because there is a deep secret that Constantine is one of the very few to know about Bael.  Along the way of finding this new talisman and uncovering a secret that will change a lot among the dragons, Constantine and Bee have fallen in love—something that isn’t as easy as it sounds either.  The curse might be broken, but the danger is still there, and it just a step more dangerous now.  Just another day in the life of dragons.


A once powerful spirit dragon and a spunky charmer will meet and work together to end the curse out to destroy the dragons in Dragon Storm.  Bee and Constantine as a couple wasn’t something anyone would have expected, even them.  Yet as they came together, I could see just how well they clicked, and I wasn’t at all amazed when they became mated.  I enjoyed watching as Bee and Constantine destroyed the curse and became tighter, even as things around them became weirder than ever.  I have to admit some of the secrets that were revealed shocked me and made me wonder what is next to come in this crazy world developed by Ms. MacAlister. Dragon Storm is a fun-loving romp where two people who I believe needed a fresh start full of love was given that chance and the perfect mate, with just a bit of suspense and danger thrown in to even things out.

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