DRAGON WITH THE BOY TATTOO by Astrid CooperDragon with the Boy Tattoo by Astrid Cooper
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

It is a somewhat strange life Damien de Marco leads after learning of vampires, Blood kin, wizards, and more.  Running a successful shoemaker’s shop in Port Adelaide, Damien deals with these other beings on a regular basis.


Sanctuary is granted to Raxon, a disgraced draconis who cannot go home.  The metal sculptor opens a shop down the street from the shoemaker, supposedly to make a new start.  The draconis however is playing a very dangerous game.  Raxon is secretly spying on the Port Adelaide Circle, headed by Sebastian de Seville, the blood lord vampire and his changeling mate Matt.


Meeting Damien for the first time the draconis isn’t certain what to do with the human’s flirting or how to deal with it. Unfortunately for Raxon the more he spends time with Damien the more confused and aroused he becomes.  Maybe going home isn’t the best thing for an outcast draconis.


A rough romance is the least of the difficulties in Dragon with the Boy Tattoo, book eight in the Monsters inK series.  Raxon doesn’t have a clue when Damien shows interest.  The draconis is completely out of his depth.  The romance is at the center of this plotline, but there is also spying, lies, and treachery to deal with.  Raxon and Damien’s love story is enjoyable to observe, however readers should read this series in order to fully understand what’s going on with the secondary Monster inK plotline.  Start at the beginning and embrace the characters in Dragon with the Boy Tattoo, preferably in order.

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