FOR A DRAGON’S ENTHUSIASM by Charlie RichardsFor A Dragon's Enthusiasm by Charlie Richards
Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Published by eXtasy Books


Simeon of Anstram is well aware he’s broken an important rule.  Once he returns to his home in Karstelle Valley Simeon will have to answer for his decision to leave the safety of the valley.  It couldn’t be helped however.  As a blue dragon Simeon is a historian, a seeker of knowledge, and in order to satisfy his curiosity he had to leave.  In all honesty, there’s another just as strong reason.  Simeon has watched as one after another of his dragon friends have claimed an asda, a human capable to bonding with a dragon.  He’s lonely and more than ready to find someone of his own.


In dragon form Simeon is unexpectedly discovered by human Doughall Maxton of the MacDuffan clan.  After getting over his shock and fear of finding a dragon Doughall finally believes Simeon won’t attack him.  The clansman explains that he is searching for his younger brother Seumas who left their village with the herald Kaiser of Pratt.  Doughall fears that the two are in danger from a group of hotheaded clansmen.


One thing Simeon can do is assure Doughall of his brother’s safety as he has no doubt been claimed by Kaiser, a very strong dragon.  The longer the two spend time together the deeper the bond begins to form.  Agreeing to accompany Simeon to Karstelle Valley in part to see his brother and to be with his dragon lover, Doughall also has vital information about a growing threat to all dragons.  Simeon may still be in trouble, but he’s fallen for the best human possible.


Fate links a lonely dragon and a human on a mission in the ninth Highland Dragons book titled For a Dragon’s Enthusiasm.  Stepping out of his comfort zone the blue dragon ventures into unknown territory and awkwardly meets his mate in this charming tale.  Simeon and Doughall’s chemistry flares quickly and burns brightly.  For a Dragon’s Enthusiasm does need to be read in order in this series.  Book nine is all about their romance and serves as a link to an overall story arc which continues in the next book.  Hot love and tantalizing hints to what happens next – Simeon and Doughall’s romance rocks.

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