FOR A DRAGON’S PERSUASION by Charlie RichardsFor a Dragon's Persuasion by Charlie Richards
Series: Highland Dragons #7
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

It is the duty of the black dragon clan to gather intelligence and insure the safety of all the dragons in Karstelle Valley.  Two such black dragons, Kaiser and Perth, are awaiting the return of Chieftain MacDuffan to his homestead.  While Kaiser is willing to use any means necessary to gather information Perth, on the other hand, finds it somewhat distasteful to sleep around.


Declining the attentions of an overbearing soldier one late evening Perth takes refuge in the stables where he overhears the stable master bullying his apprentice.  It’s obvious to the dragon that Aodhan knows ten times more about horses and the stable after quietly observing him.  Perth also realizes that Aodhan is one of dragon kinds prized Asda, a human capable of bonding with any dragon.


The dragon’s seduction of Aodhan begins gently, but everything changes when the Chieftain returns home and someone accuses Perth of an unspeakable act.  With MacDuffan furious it’s smarter to take off.  Perth doesn’t want to go without his Asda.  Asking Aodhan to leave the only life he’s ever known may prove easier than showing the apprentice his true form.


Sweet seduction takes hold in the seventh book of the Highland Dragons series.  Black dragon Perth finds his better half in honorable stable boy Aodhan.  For a Dragon’s Persuasion is a sexy, engaging addition.  Likeable characters set in an easy, fast paced adventure For a Dragon’s Persuasion may not have any surprises, but this is nonetheless a pleasurable read.   Simply good fun.

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