Driving Borscht Batty
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #29
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal

Borscht Kuznetsov and his many siblings left their old coven’s restrictive rules to strike out on their own to form a separate coven.  Their two youngest brothers have found their beloved and live in Paris and the U.S. while the family coven remains in Russia.


Superior surveillance equipment alerts the family to four intruders in black breaching their territory.  After subduing the humans Boris uses their tracker to find out what they were searching for in the trees.


The little Egyptian fruit bat shifter has always lived in a cage, subjected to testing by scientists.  Sekani can’t remember any other life.  He and several other shifters were being transferred from one facility to another when a guard’s mistake gives Sekani the opportunity to escape.


It’s clear from the start that Sekani is innocent in all ways.  He knows nothing of the world.  The tiny fruit bat doesn’t even know why he’s so attracted to the vampire master. Boris is well aware that he’s been given a rare gift in his beloved.  If only his siblings were as happy for them life would be perfect.  If only…


An exciting rescue.  An innocent love.  Author Charlie Richards adds another entertaining, sexy story to the Wolves of Stone Ridge series in Driving Borscht Batty.  The main character holds back and gently leads Sekani into a fulfilling, sweet seduction.  Fall in love with the timid and guileless fruit bat. You can’t help it.  And fall in love with his big, bad vampire protector.  Romantic and sexy, Driving Borscht Batty satisfies.

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