DRUID’S LODGE by Kelly Clemmons

DRUID’S LODGE by Kelly ClemmonsDruid's Lodge by Kelly Clemmons
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

As young boys Luke Devlin and Finn Darcy were the best of friends.  Luke’s father was the gamekeeper on Finn’s father’s commercial estate; Druid’s Lodge nestled on the edge of Dartmoor National Park.  Reaching puberty Luke almost dies one night while chasing Finn across the moors.  Healing from his injuries Luke’s father sends him to his grandparents far across the ocean.


Eventually Luke is too much for his grandparents to handle and he’s sent home to a dying, bitter father and an absent Finn.  He finds comfort and a job working on the estate after his father passes.


Finn comes back to town years later, when his parent dies of a sudden heart attack.  He must face Luke with the truth after years of lies and a mountain of secrets.  The life Luke thought he’d envisioned in the future will never be.  He belongs to Finn; he always has and always will.  And linked together they are both in danger.


Brooding moors and creatures of myth come to life in Druid’s Lodge, a mesmerizing modern take on an old tale.  Emotional conflict keeps Luke and Finn apart.  When they aren’t fighting they are locked in heated passion.  A deadly mystery allows the lovers time to decide what is important and what isn’t for their future.  A difficult mating is putting it mildly.  Druid’s Lodge is dark and imaginative.  Delightfully wicked too.

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